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Incentives Renewables & Energy Efficiency

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A comprehensive overview of policy frameworks and incentives relevant to enhancing investments in energy efficiency and renewable energy production, prepared by the Business Incentives & Tax Credits EU Service Line

Andersen European experts have curated this comprehensive guide outlining a wide range of tax credits, grants, and financial instruments available across 13 European Union member states, as well as accessible options in Albania, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.

This guide contains key insights and information for companies seeking to invest in the European energy sector while prioritizing sustainability.

In response to global challenges such as climate change, natural disasters, and an energy crisis, governments are increasingly recognizing the crucial role of renewable energy and green innovation in their expansion and growth strategies. Recent developments have heightened the focus on environmental legislation and economic initiatives in major economies. This proactive approach has not only accelerated the transition to a greener future but has also ignited a competitive race for incentives in the United States and the European Union.

Carmen Mozún, Partner of Andersen in the Energy area, has participated in the coordination of the guide as European Energy Industry Group Coordinators; and Mar Guardiola, Director in the area of Special Taxes of Andersen has analyzed the case of Spain.

You can download the full document here.

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