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Litigation & Arbitration Service Line Newsletter: Rebus sic stantibus and force majeure clause

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Andersen´s European Litigation & Arbitration Newsletter is dedicated to an extraordinary change in economic relations

Andersen´s European Litigation & Arbitration practice has prepared a new edition of the Newsletter. This issue is dedicated to extraordinary change in economic relations. In this publication, we address two constructs that will be the most common basis for legal claims: the rebus sic stantibus clause and the force majeure clause - as topics of particular interest to companies doing business internationally, especially those operating in Europe.

We live in unstable times still marked by pandemonium, and mainly by the war in Ukraine, rising energy prices, shortages of raw materials, difficulties in supply, etc. Therefore, members of the Andersen´s European Litigation & Arbitration team explain how on legal grounds we can deal with extraordinary changes in economic relations. The rebus sic stantibus and force majeure clauses are and will continue to be of great importance in litigation. In many cases, the use of these clauses may prove to be a solution that, with proper argumentation, can save the situation of the entrepreneur.

This edition is definitely worth reading and sharing. It provides guidance on the rules of application of the rebus sic stantibus clause and the force majeure clause in various European jurisdictions.

The Newsletter also includes some highlights of Andersen's Litigation & Arbitration practice in Europe.

You can download the full magazine here.

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