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Andersen  is aware of the fact that all industries work digitally or they are in process of digitization. Andersen is also convinced that the development of exponential technologies will change, in a short term, the conventional economic model worldwide.

For this reason, the firm has a team of highly specialized professionals in technology, data and digital business providing high quality advice and knowing perfectly well the business models of its clients.


Data Protection

We specialize in assisting companies to adapt their data protection policies to the European Data Protection  Regulations that become effective on May 25, 2018. The Regulations provide for penalties of up to €20 million for the most serious violations. Because the team includes certified Data Protection Officers, companies unwilling to employ an in-house officer can outsource this service.

Monetization of Big Data

Data mining, behavioral analysis of IP addresses, their locations and profiling make it possible to analyze and segment users and clients to provide them with content, products, services and advertising that are truly relevant to them in order to obtain tailor-made products based on data science in the future. The aim is clear: to monetize this asset in accordance with the best legal advice and strategy to comply with current regulations.

  • Regulatory Compliance with national and EU law.
  • GDPR Implementation.
  • DPO counselling.
  • International data transfers, including compliance with Privacy Shield and BCRs.
  • Sanctioning Proceedings before the Spanish Data Protection Agency.
  • Training programs on data protection and adaptation to GDPR.
  • Data Protection Audits.
  • Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA).
  • Drafting of terms and conditions, cookies and privacy policies for websites and applications.
  • Advice on development of big data in compliance with data protection.
  • Advice on user knowledge and profiling in compliance with data protection.
  • Advice on SDK in compliance with regulations in force.

IT & Digital Business

The members of the IT & Digital Business team are highly specialized and able to assist businesses in their digitalization processes. We offer companies the possibility for them to outsource technology-based legal services, whilst also assisting in-house IT and digital transformation teams.

  • Outsourcing services specialized in technology and digital business.
  • Legal services for e-commerce.
  • Ad serving and programmatic ad for both desktop and mobile.
  • Provision of advisory services including the provision of on-demand TV on online media.
  • Commercial agreements in the provision of technology services.
  • Protection, report and monitoring of cybercrime, ethical hacking, advice and online troubleshooting guide.
  • E-sports and gaming.
  • Intellectual property rights in the digital environment.
  • Technology and software agreements.
  • Domain recovery and protection of web pages
  • Online gambling, betting and Premium SMS service.
  • Native advertising and branded content.
  • Fintech, insurtech, blockchain and collaborative economy.
  • Expert advice on online media and social network.
  • Artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality.
  • Software agreements, mobile applications and tailor-made technological products.
  • Right to be forgotten and right to rectification.


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