Employment Law and Social Security

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Companies doing business globally face additional legal obstacles posed by European and Spanish employment law. Managing workforces in multiple jurisdictions requires consideration of directives, rulings from EU courts, general domestic legislation and local legal precedent.

Our team of specialists is on hand to help our clients to meet their goals, proposing and designing tailored solutions in all jurisdictions in complex and sensitive matters such as collective bargaining, advising in restructuring processes, transfer of undertakings or legal defence of our clients in the labour jurisdiction.

This is why the Employment Law Department features a team of specialist lawyers spread across its offices in Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia, offering professional services to national and multinational companies encompassing all industries, and guaranteeing coverage and utmost professional quality across the board.

Andersen professionals, undergoes continual training, haves extensive experience covering all specialist areas of employment law and in-depth knowledge of our clients’ business.



  • Special employment relations, with particular reference to the drafting and negotiation of senior executive contracts, including situations affecting directors.
  • Advice on the creation of employment relations, hiring of employees and senior executives, regular freelance workers and training contracts.
  • Commencement of activity and opening of workplaces.
  • Oversight of taking over of workforces in commercial operations.
  • Planning and review of remuneration policy.
  • Advice on the alteration of contractual conditions.
  • Handling of relations between company and staff, including collective bargaining.
  • Industrial disputes.
  • Advice on employment measures to be adopted by employers in difficulties.
  • Advice on termination of employment. Individual and collective.
  • Advice on Social Security obligations. Expatriate and foreign non-domiciled employees.
  • Monitoring of compliance with employment obligations, in particular as regards workplace hazards.
  • Employment Due Diligence.
  • Preparation of legal reports.

Local bodies

  • Workforce analysis.
  • Analysis of remuneration policy.
  • Staff budget preparation.
  • Advice on hiring.
  • Advice in relation to work positions.
  • Preparation of work position evaluations.
  • Elimination of work positions.
  • Negotiation of collective agreements.
  • Strategic human resources planning.

Strategic Human Resource Management

  • Workforce planning and adaptation of size and organisation to the employer's production needs.
  • Design of training plans suited to each activity.
  • Salary and remuneration policies (incentive plans, deferred remuneration, stock options, etc.).
  • Creation of target-linked incentive plans.
  • Development of measures to encourage staff loyalty.
  • Monitoring of the capacity of each employee for the optimization of human resources.

Employment law procedures

  • Examination and analysis of contingencies deriving from claims by employees, the public authorities or third parties.
  • Out-of-court negotiation.
  • Court representation.
  • Work - reduction procedures.


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