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Andersen has a task force specialized in law services to the Media Area, with presence in Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Germany, Hungary, Austria, Poland, Ireland, Romania and the Netherlands.

Andersen considers that law services to the Media Sector needs to be fully transversal, so that the professionals in the different fields of law can work hand-to-hand in order to reach a common goal; the achievement of the Media Work.

For this reason, our firm has a multidisciplinary team in each territory that integrates the different areas, such as Tax, Intellectual Property, Commercial, Labor and Regulatory.


In each of the European countries, the professionals working in the Media Group of the Firm are specialized in:

  • National productions
  • European co-productions
  • International co-productions (not for Europe)
  • Foreign productions

Each territory has its own team capable of giving support to clients and solve any tax and IP issues which may arise. Moreover, such teams have contact with the tax authorities in their respective countries as well as with the pertinent official audiovisual authority.

The European Media Group Works coordinated by Madrid office, under the format of “Single Office”.

This enables international producers to work under the same production, tax, legal and regulatory criteria in all the countries, having always the same Project coordinator.

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We work for the audiovisual production: 

  • Analyzing the finances of the Film taking into account the Tax Benefit (tax credit and tax rebate) and regulatory requirement in each territory
  • Rending the same services
  • Using the same methodology
  • Having the same approach of the projects



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