Environment and Sustainability

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Nowadays, a time in which society has become aware and demands greater environmental care policies and in line with sustainability and ESG standards, among others, it is essential for organizations to offer maximum collaboration in order to achieve these objectives. 

For Andersen, sustainability and environmental protection are fundamental issues that make up two of the key pillars of the firm's strategic plan in the short and long term. These are the values that we apply to the performance of our business, to the services we offer and to the development of the firm as a whole. 

That is why, aligned with the political and social objectives that mark the future of society today and committed to the 2030 Agenda and the principles of the Global Compact, we offer our clients comprehensive advice on the matter, to ensure that they develop their activity in a sustainable, responsible manner and with full awareness of the latest regulations in this field.

We advise from the development of plans and policies that comply with the regulations, criteria and standards of sustainability and environmental protection, to the accompaniment to ensure full understanding of these keys from an economic, business and, of course, legal perspective. 

The new obligations and prohibitions that apply to companies must be mandatory, so from Andersen, and through specialized professionals with extensive experience in the field, we provide advice to companies and individuals in their adaptation to this new context, thus ensuring their continuity and success. 


Andersen provides advice from the three main pillars of environmental and sustainability: 

  • Advice on  Waste, especially Extended Producer Responsibility
  • Advice on the  new regulation of plastic products
  • Advice on  ESG










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