Culture, Sports & Entertainment

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Our Culture Law team specializes in all areas of the law, including copyrights, regulatory law and tax law, and is equipped with a deep understanding of the industry. The Culture, Sports & Entertainment team of Andersen is specialized in providing advice, among others, on regulatory aspects, self-regulation and dispute resolution. We provide multidisciplinary and specialized legal advice in any media or audiovisual matter, such as the drafting, negotiation, execution and follow up on all type of agreements regarding the production of television contents, media, new technologies and entertainment.

In the audiovisuals and performing arts sectors, we are very experienced in providing comprehensive advice in national and international co-productions, including performing arts, theater and music performances, concerts and festivals.

In the Sports area, Andersen advises sports federations, associations and clubs.

The team pays particular attention to the introduction of corporate governance practices in sports, assisting a wide range of institutions in the conduct of sporting events. The team holds substantial experience giving tax advice to ensure resources are used in a tax-efficient manner.


  • Production: audiovisual content acquisitions, licensing, finance, tax, production and co-production contracts;
  • Distribution agreements, piracy, advertising; merchandising, sponsorships and product placement;
  • Conveyance of signals on electronic communications, networks contracts, or industry self-regulatory agreements;
  • Telecommunications law, entertainment, news, sport events and hiring of sports events;
  • Privacy Protection; etc.


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