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Our team dedicated to the agri-food sector is highly specialized in each area of law, especially in the disciplines of Commercial, Intellectual Property, Regulatory, Tax and Procedural Law. Our specialists have a deep knowledge of the industry and each area of the business.

At Andersen we have a group of experts dedicated to the agri-food sector, we have a long experience advising companies in the sector, this has given us a deep knowledge of the industry and allows us to offer advice adapted to the needs of our clients. Our international capacity allows us to offer legal assistance wherever it is needed.

We also have a team of experts with a deep knowledge of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), with experience in matters related to the aids regulated by the mentioned policy and in its implementation in Spain through direct payments, as well as in the regional regulation of these aids.  We advise our clients on the creation of logistics centres, on the export of products, as well as on the search for solutions that best suit their needs.


  • Advice on product registration with the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food.

  • Legal due diligence of the situation of the products with respect to the requirements and modifications that they may undergo due to the variations introduced by the Ministry, both in product and packaging.

  • Advice on drawing up and signing contracts with other companies in the sector for the use of common names.

  • Assessment of criminal and administrative risks of the development of the activity and preventive response.

  • Advice and risk prevention in the export and registration of products in third countries.
    International arbitration in commercial disputes.

  • Legal advice on financing processes.

  • Legal advice on the internationalisation of companies.

  • Legal advice on practices related to Corporate Social Responsibility.



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