Restructuring and Insolvency

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Our Restructuring & Insolvency Department consists of a multi-disciplinary team of professionals who render legal advice to financially-distressed multinational groups and corporations.

The Department advises in corporate restructuring procedures, drawing up feasibility plans for submission to financial institutions and creditors, and implementing these plans for an optimal financial and asset position.

As part of our services we handle national and international insolvencies and extrajudicial restructurings, negotiating and formalizing refinancing agreements. We also assist creditors by conducting reviews of debtors' solvency, advising in contractual arrangements, and obtaining security for debts.

Our Restructuring & Insolvency team takes part in the analysis and prevention of conducts that may result in corporate, tax and/or criminal liability, and can defend de facto and formally-appointed corporate directors in contentious matters.


Corporate restructuring

  • Creation and implementation of viability proposals with credit institutions and suppliers to achieve optimal economic-financial and asset structuring.
  • Adoption of employment measures designed to adapt the enterprise's production and organisational structure to new conditions.
  • Implementation of judicial and non-judicial procedures.
  • Out-of-court agreements and insolvency proceedings.
  • Sale of assets, production lines and units.
  • Legal representation and advice in domestic and international insolvency proceedings.

Debt recovery

  • Analysis of debtor's solvency.
  • Advice on the negotiation of contracts and the obtaining of security for the protection of credit rights.
  • Advice on negotiating with companies in difficulties.
  • Legal enforcement of credit rights in both individual and insolvency proceedings.

Acquisition of companies and assets

  • Carrying out of Due Diligences in sale and purchase operations.
  • Advice throughout the acquisition process, domestic or international, reducing the legal risks of acquisitions.
  • Defence against insolvency asset recovery actions.

Liability of directors and managers

  • Analysis and prevention of conduct involving corporate, tax or criminal liability.
  • Legal representation in cases of liability of official or de facto company directors.


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