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Accounts Law has acquired a great significance, linked without a doubt to the evolution of the business world. The situation of businesses, its legal implications and the necessary international harmonisation, have without a doubt brought to light the repercussion and legal importance of accounting. Our team of economists, experts in commercial law, offers solutions and alternatives to this whole problem area.


  • Production and reviewing of individual financial information and consolidating groupsof companies. 
  • Design and implementation of internal control systems and evaluating its efficiency in the corporate field. 
  • Valuation of assets and activities of integral elements of the annual accounts of the companies. 
  • Analysis and proposal of alternatives regarding the combination of businesses. 
  • Representation of our clients in their administrative bodies, external advisors to their board of directors, both as consultants, as well as with the execution of agreements. 
  • Production of accounting reports in relation to external auditors. 
  • Experts in accounting regulations (PGC Norms), both European (IFRS) and international (GAAP).


Joaquín Ureña Ceamanos Joaquín Ureña Ceamanos


Mickael Eiras Sánchez Mickael Eiras Sánchez

Senior Associate

Yulia Moroz Yulia Moroz

Senior Associate

Ana Tanco García Ana Tanco García

Senior Associate

Alejandro Guzmán Zúñiga Alejandro Guzmán Zúñiga

Tax Advisor

Mireia Juvé Garcia Mireia Juvé Garcia

Tax Advisor

Dulce Revert Dulce Revert


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