Practice Areas - Valuation

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Andersen's Valuation practice offers a comprehensive and independent service to solve the growing needs of clients for the best valuation services in the development of their businesses.

To this end, we have a highly specialised and international team with extensive experience in all types of complex valuations for any business sector. Our professionals advise clients at all stages of the valuation process, providing them with personalised, comprehensive, and reliable services.

We advise companies, funds, high net worth individuals and family offices on corporate valuations, litigation valuations, portfolios, PPA's, tangible assets in different sectors and intangible assets such as brands, intellectual property, or administrative concessions, among others. 

We also have international reach and perspective through Andersen's global Valuation practice, which covers a large number of jurisdictions in North America, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and Asia, where this service is provided.


Valuation of companies

  • Market value / Fair value.
  • ESG Valuations (CSRD and NFRD Directive).
  • Start Up's valuation.

Valuations in Corporate Processes

  • PPA’s.
  • Impairment Test.
  • Litigation & Forensic.
  • Valuation of portfolios.
  • Insolvency proceedings and liquidations.
  • Valuation of productive units.

Tangibles Assets Valuation

  • Real Estate.
  • Industrial assets.
  • Renewable Energies.
  • Valuations and analysis of urban planning.
  • Feasibility studies.

Intangible Assets Valuation

  • Trademarks.
  • Intellectual Property.
  • Trading Funds.
  • Administrative Contracts.


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