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Why don't more companies come to the Valencian Community from Catalonia?

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Ignacio Aparicio analyzes in Las Provincias the impact that the flight of Catalan companies has in Valencia

Bad connections mean that the region only receives three out of every hundred changes of address. | Madrid is the great beneficiary of the flight of mercantile after the illegal referendum for infrastructures, services and proximity to the centers of power.

"Valencia is farther from Barcelona than Madrid, although on the map it seems the opposite, because today the distance is measured in AVE". This is how renowned economists, lawyers and managers explain the fact that only three out of every hundred companies that have left Catalonia as a result of the challenge of independence were destined for the Valencia Region.

Just seventy-four changes of address of about 2,500 registered in Spain in the last month and a half, that is the very discrete balance that leaves the challenge secessionist in the Comunitat to date, according to data from the Registrar Colleges, which place Madrid as the great beneficiary.

Ignacio Aparicio, partner of Andersen Tax & Legal: With the Mediterranean corridor it would be different

"If the Mediterranean corridor were developed, many companies in Catalonia would have considered the Valencia Region more". For Andersen Tax&Legal's mercantile partner, poor communications are a determining factor in explaining why more firms do not come from Catalonia.

Among the reasons that tip the balance towards Madrid, cites that is "the nerve center of business in Spain" and already housed facilities of companies throughout Spain, as in the case of the Valencian office Olleros, now integrated in Andersen. In his opinion, taxation and the image of stability of the capital also help.

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