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When you can be fired if you get coronavirus

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Alfredo Aspra and Helena Vilar analyze the serious impact of a COVID-19 infected employee on the company's activity

The upsurge in cases of coronavirus in Spain and the return to work after the summer vacations has led to an increase in doubts as to whether a company can decide to fire a worker if he or she has become infected due to an irresponsible attitude.

The employment lawyers consulted by Vozpópuli agree that, in general, the behaviour of the employee in their private life cannot be used to justify a fair dismissal, but they recognize that there are cases in which the judge could accept it. In any case, they warn that each case should be studied.

Alfredo Aspra, Partner of the Andersen employment practice, and Helena Vilar, Senior Lawyer of the Andersen employment practice, explain that, in case this happens and the infected workers infect their colleagues, their irresponsible behavior could put the company's activity at risk, either because of the quarantines that must be carried out in case of contact with a case of COVID-19 or because they have been the cause of an outbreak of contagion within the company, which would be detrimental to the colleagues and the company itself.

The full article ca be read in Vozpópuli.

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