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US activates enforcement of Title IV of the Helms Burton Act

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Ignacio Aparicio analyzes in El Periódico the rule that prevents the entry to the USA of company managers with complaints about their business in Cuba

The US Government has activated the application of Title IV of the Helms Burton Act and, for the first time, based on this regulation, notified the prohibition of entry into the country of those responsible for companies doing business in Cuba that have a claim from US citizens for "trafficking" in goods confiscated in Cuba before the Foreign Claims Settlement Commission (FCSC).

Ignacio Aparicio, partner of Andersen Tax & Legal and director of the firm's Cuban desk, has explained in an article published in El Periódico that, with the lifting of the suspension of Title III of the Helms Burton Act on 17 April, which allows Americans deprived of their property by the Cuban government after Castro's revolution, to sue for damages in US federal courts, the US is not entitled to any compensation.The Trump Administration also warned that it would begin to implement Title IV (never suspended) and would take clear steps in its implementation.

You can read the full article in El Periódico.

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