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Time control must be maintained if teleworking is adopted

| COVID-19 / News | Employment Law and Social Security

Alfredo Aspra explains that companies must promote hygiene rules among their staff to avoid the risk of infection by the coronavirus in El Economista

Workers can continue to work at home, if agreed with the company. In these cases, the company will continue to pay the wages. In these cases, the company must control the hours of its employees as established by current legislation, using some type of technology or a system that complies with the requirements of Royal Decree Law 8/2019 of 8 March, which regulates it.

However, before the worst-case scenarios can occur, Alfredo Aspra, partner of Andersen Tax & Legal, recommends that companies promote hygiene rules among their staff and those who access their facilities, by placing dispensers with alcohol-based disinfectant or simply with soap and water. This precaution kills the virus if it is in the hands of employees and avoids risks.

You can read the full article in El Economista.

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