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The Resilience and Recovery Guide

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Andersen´s Business Incentives and Tax Credits practice developed The Resilience and Recovery Guide

Andersen´s European Business Incentives and Tax Credits Practice has prepared a The Resilience and Recovery Guide.

One of the hot topics the European Union is dealing with is the establishment and operation of a special new fund and program, the so-called Recovery and Resilience Facility (“RRF”). In response to the out­break of the COVID-19 pandemic, EU leaders have agreed to launch this special comprehensive package to be the largest stimulus batch ever financed through EU Budget. It is not only the biggest one, but also differs from the approach and allocation of the traditional ones in several aspects.

This document provides an overview of 17 countries covering the following questions:

  • How much non-refundable funds and how much loan have been requested?
  • What is the status of the RRF Plan in Austria as of August 31, 2021?
  • What are the main components of the RRF Plan?
  • When is the first payment expected to be made?

You can download the magazine here or view it in full screen from here.

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