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The office worker clerk is paid for his task and not for the activity of the company

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Alfredo Aspra analyses the ruling on the contribution for accidents at work and professional illness of employees in an article published by El Economista

The contribution for accidents at work and professional illnesses of employees who provide services in exclusive office work should be made prior to their occupation and not the activity of the company. This was established by the Supreme Court in a ruling of 3 June 2019, which concludes that it departs from the traditional ones in this area and all of them refer to the road freight transport sector.

Alfredo Aspra, partner in the labour area of Andersen Tax & Legal, states that the question focuses on determining whether the employees of a company should contribute according to the corresponding economic activity of the company or whether an extensive interpretation of the personnel can be made in exclusive office work that allows the standard. In this way, it would allow the lowest contribution that it envisages for all the staff who carry out the activity of the company physically in the office, without differentiating it from what is office work.

You can read the full article in El Economista.

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