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The new predictive models will allow companies to streamline their processes

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Isabel Martínez Moriel participates in the IV Conference Industry 4.0: the digital challenge, organized by the UPV in Valencia

Companies face different challenges for their conversion to Industry 4.0, including full connectivity that will allow 5G networks and constant digital evolution that offer comprehensive and more efficient solutions to gain competitiveness in a global market.

This was highlighted during the IV Industry 4.0: the digital challenge, organized by the Universitat Politécnica de Valencia and in which Isabel Martínez Moriel, director of the area of Privacy, IT & Digital Business of Andersen Tax & Legal in the offices of Madrid, Valencia and Seville, in which she analysed the impact of agile predictive models, based on "machine learning" and the legal risks that companies have to face throughout the life cycle of the data.

Specifically, the different solutions for automation and production management, the possibilities of combining technologies or optimizing production processes, as well as the use of data to offer customers a personalized experience or the new challenges of connectivity, industrial automation and robotics.

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