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The new Andersen Tax & Legal recruits Ramón Faus

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AN ICONIC FIRM RETURNS / Global Abogados presents its new brand.

Sergi Saborit. Barcelona

Andersen Global, the U.S. firm heir of the extinct Arthur Andersen, has begun to operate in Spain. Starting this month the brand has returned to the Spanish legal sector and it has done so through Barcelona, where it is integrated in the firm of Global Abogados, with headquarters on the street Tuset. From 1 March, Global is operating only with the brand Andersen Tax & Legal, which has a team of fifty lawyers distributed between the offices of the Catalan capital and Madrid.

The lawyer Ramón Faus Santasusana just became the sixth partner of the firm, where he will be responsible for corporate governance and for the area of entrepreneurs and start-ups. With more than 20 years of professional experience, Faus began, precisely, in the world of law in the former Arthur Andersen; he also worked in Mullerat. Most of his career was carried out in the corporate area of the Agrolimen group, to which he was linked for twelve years, performing duties in the legal area and in the department of mergers and acquisitions. He is also the founding partner of the investment vehicle PDG-Invest, whose partners are 40 former students of IESE.

‘Ex-Arthur’ partners

The up-to-now Global Abogados firm was also founded eleven years ago by two Ex-Arthurs, Álvaro Gámez and Toni de Weest Prat, who were joined by José María Rebollo. The three became international partners of the new Andersen Global. The firm in Spain was completed with two other partners, José Luis Aguilar and Iñaki Olmos, who were just now joined by Ramón Faus.

The project that they have before them is ambitious, which is why the new Andersen Tax & Legal in Spain is negotiating the integration of the Olleros firm, which would allow the firm to make a quantum leap in Madrid and consolidate the implementation of the U.S. giant in the Spanish legal sector (see EXPANSIÓN of 9 February).

“Spain becomes the first country of Europe to premiere the Andersen brand and it is particularly novel that this implementation process of a U.S. firm is done from Barcelona,” explained Álvaro Gámez, managing partner. “At the headquarters of Andersen in San Francisco, they loved the idea that the project was being led from here,” noted Gámez, dedicated now to attracting talent. “The objective is to get better service to our national and international clients by incorporating top-level professionals such as Ramón Faus, who is a leader in the area of the start-ups and in corporate governance,” explained the partner.

Arthur Andersen became the largest auditing firm worldwide and, after its fall, caused by the Enron crisis, it was divided into three parts in 2002. The auditing area was absorbed by Deloitte, that of consulting was transformed into Accenture and the fiscal area passed to the hands of HSBC, although in 2007 this leg was repurchased by a group of ex-Arthurs which created WTAS. This firm managed in 2014 to recover the usage rights of the iconic brand Andersen, although in the United States it can only provide fiscal services. With Andersen Global, they want to expand throughout the world as a unique firm that offers all legal practices. After being installed in various countries of America, the new Andersen arrives in Spain and throughout 2017 will cover all of Europe.

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