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The law firms’ letter to the kings: stability and certainty in 2020

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Jaime Olleros says that the firm will continue to grow in double digits and will continue to analyze the opportunities for inorganic growth that arise

The request is unanimous. The large business law firms agree in demanding an effort to end the political and economic uncertainty in which Spain is immersed. Although they admit that not everything depends on the national ruling class (as is the case with non-minor matters such as Brexit or the trade war), they consider that, in view of the grey clouds hanging over the economy, a stable situation must be built that provides security for companies and investors.

Jaime Olleros, Managing Partner of Andersen Tax & Legal, says that the firm will continue to grow at double digits, mainly in areas of compliance, cyber security, privacy... and transversal sectors and industries. "We will continue to analyse the opportunities for inorganic growth that are presented to us, as long as they meet our growth objective and share our values. All forecasts suggest a slowdown. We think it will, but not as sharp as feared. The lack of government is delaying many investment plans, not because of the measures that can be taken, but because of the legal uncertainty and lack of definition implied by possible fiscal and labour changes. There will be a return to consolidation in all the industrial and service sectors".

You can read the full article in Cinco Días

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