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The IV Compliance Officers in the pharmaceutical industry Course begins

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The fourth edition of the course "Compliance officers in the pharmaceutical industry and related", organized by Farmaforum Formación and Andersen Tax & Legal will be held over nine days until 22 November in the auditorium of Andersen Tax & Legal Madrid

Farmaforum Formación and Andersen Tax & Legal started the fourth advanced course of Compliance officers in the pharmaceutical and related industries on September 20th. After the success of the three editions held in Madrid and Barcelona, this year the course is aimed at professionals from the pharmaceutical, chemical, healthcare, biotechnology, cosmetics and related industries, who develop or wish to develop in the future the function of Compliance in this sector.

The program, which is divided into nine dynamic days and will end on November 22, optimally combines all legal aspects of compliance and has more than ten professionals from major pharmaceutical companies such as: AstraZeneza, GE Healthcare and Novartis Farmacéutica, who will transfer their knowledge and experience to students based on numerous practical examples.

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