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The Inland Revenue is not considering deducting second homes whose use is prohibited

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Nicolas Diaz analyzes the approach of the Treasury in the case of income tax

The María Jesús Montero Ministry of Finance is not considering implementing measures to relax the taxation required of owners of second homes whose use is now prohibited under the general confinement, as to ministerial sources tell Vozpópuli.

According to the latest official statistics, of the 25 million homes in Spain, 19 million are for primary use and 6.5 million for secondary use. The current government plan of 'de-escalation' maintains the prohibition of transfers to second and/or more secondary residences within provinces until the second phase of de-escalation (May 25th), and between different provinces, until the end of the confinement and the beginning of "the new normality".

Nicolás Díaz Ravn, Andersen Tax & Legal Senior Associate, states that, in the case of personal income tax, it would make sense for the charge of income from real estate at the taxpayer's disposal not to include the days of duration of the state of alert, since it is a period that cannot be used, in the same way that, in the case of divorces, if the former family home is owned by one spouse but its use is adjudicated to the other, the former does not have to declare anything because it is impossible for him or her to use it by court order; or in the case of illegally occupied property, the property cannot be used either until the judicial procedure aimed at recovering possession of the property is completed.

You can read the full article in Vozpópuli.

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