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The Impact of COVID-19 on Administrative Law Institutions

| News | Public and Regulatory Law

Andersen's Public and Regulatory Law team publishes a book on the Impact of COVID-19 on Administrative Law Institutions

This book is dedicated to the analysis of the measures adopted by the Government to fight COVID-19. This book studies the advantages and disadvantages of the approved normative dispositions, explores the scientific doctrine that has been able to quickly pronounce on them and even quotes the first jurisdictional pronouncements on the subject.

The work, consequently, has been carried out with a propositive approach and paying special attention to the usefulness of the Law to face extreme situations such as the one we have lived through.

This book is the result of an exhaustive work that brings together the personal visions of the authors of each contribution with an overall view, which is necessary in a collective work.

You can acquire the book from here.

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