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The Helms-Burton law worries Spanish firms in Cuba

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Ignacio Aparicio talks about the situation that could affect different companies operating in Cuba in El Periódico de Cataluña

As of May 2nd, U.S. citizens (also nationalized Cubans) will be able to sue those companies with businesses in properties that were confiscated with the victory of the Cuban Revolution. Articles 3 and 4 of the U.S. Cuban embargo law, known as the Helms-Burton law, will come into operation for the first time.

El Periódico de Cataluña analyses the situation in which companies with businesses in Cuba may be involved and Ignacio Aparicio, Andersen Tax & Legal partner and director of the firm's Cuban desk, indicates in the report that the most worrying thing is that the situation is so exceptional that it could affect foreign companies doing business in Cuba without them knowing.

You could download the report in El Periódico de Cataluña.

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