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The Directorate General for Employment’s criterion on extension and withdrawal in furlough schemes

| COVID-19 | Employment Law and Social Security

On 1 May 2020, the Directorate General for Employment published an official document setting out its Criteria on the application of measures to suspend and reduce working hours during the phase of deconfinement of the alert state, in which, taking into account the De-escalation plan adopted by the Council of Ministers on 28th April, establishes how workers and companies should proceed in relation to the emergency labour measures provided for in Royal Decree-Law 8/2020.

Which states that companies that were applying measures to suspend or reduce working hours may renounce them, either totally or partially, in respect of part or all of the workforce, and progressively, as the companies reasons linked to force majeure disappear. It will also be possible to alter the suspension measure initially proposed and facilitate the transition to reductions in working hours.

Finally, it is established that the documentary and procedural requirements will be the essential ones, it being sufficient to communicate to the labour authority the waiver of the authorised or communicated measure, in the event of a full recovery of the activity, and to transfer to the entity managing the benefits the situation of affection and disaffection of each of the workers.

You can download the complete document here

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