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The company can inform the staff of the collective bargaining agreement negotiation

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Alfredo Aspra comments on the ruling of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Basque Country that the company can directly inform its workers about the negotiations of the collective bargaining agreement without counting on the unions in Cinco Días

The company can inform its workers directly about collective bargaining agreement negotiations in the absence of trade unions. This is determined by the High Court of Justice (TSJ) of the Basque Country in a ruling in which it rejects the fact that this practice violates the exercise of union activity.

The TSJ ruled that no rule of any legal or conventional rank prevents the company from relating and directly informing workers about labour issues, "as long as this does not diminish the rights of the works council. Similarly, the TSJ qualifies, the union's right to communicate with workers "does not exclude that of the company”.

For Alfredo Aspra, labour partner of Andersen Tax & Legal, this is a very relevant resolution since it clarifies that the company will be able to inform its staff about the collective bargaining agreement agreements "as long as it acts in a direct, transparent manner".

Likewise, the lawyer points out that, sometimes, in the framework of collective bargaining (especially those that take a long time), the legal representation of workers "tries to create a state of opinion in the workforce" about certain positions or situations that "are not intended to be combated or contested by the company".

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