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The combination of public support and private funding contributes to the success of audiovisual productions

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Andersen Tax & Legal holds its annual Audiovisual Forum on Aid to Audiovisual Production: Public Financing and Private Capital

The success of an audiovisual production depends on many factors, among others, its economic coverage, which is why the combination of public aid and private financing provides the financial capacity to contribute to its success.

This is what Patricia Motilla and Mabel Klimt, partners in the Culture, Sports and Entertainment area of Andersen Tax & Legal, said during the annual audiovisual forum, which focused on audiovisual production grants: Munesh Melwani, Managing Partner of Cross Capital, Pedro Martín, Director of Audiovisual and Culture at Crea SGR, Gregorio Herrera, Area Director of Dunas Real Assets, and Ignacio Roig, CFO of Inverseguros, together with more than 80 representatives of the audiovisual sector, also participated in the event.

During her speech, Mabel Klimt explained the new requirements for access to funding from the Institute of Cinematography and Audiovisual Arts (ICAA), both general and selective, and indicated that it is expected that, following the change of government, the Order establishing the regulatory bases for the funding provided for in Chapter III of Law 55/2007, of 28 December, on Cinema, will continue to be processed until it is approved.

For her part, Patricia Motilla referred to the Economic Interest Groupings (EIGs) as a structure for financing a film shoot and pointed out that it is a financial instrument that provides legal certainty to both investors and producers.

Finally, the representatives of Cross Capital, Crea SGR, Dunas Capital and Inverseguros explained the benefits it gives private capital the financing of audiovisual productions, as it is a safe and profitable investment that is becoming increasingly stronger.

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