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Taxpayers should be clear about their rights in the face of a possible surprise inspection

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Andersen Tax & Legal held a conference on how taxpayers should proceed before the tax inspection

Companies are being confronted with a rising number of unexpected inspections by the Tax Agency, it is essential to know the rights that protect taxpayers.

This was made clear during the conference - The Taxpayer Against the Tax Inspector - organized by Andersen Tax & Legal, along with the partners of the tax area of the firm, Paula Caro and Enrique Vázquez, together with Elena Guerrero, Head of the Regional Inspection Team at the Special Delegation of Madrid.

During the conference, Paula Caro gave a detailed presentation of the different procedures that the Administration may initiate in order to verify due compliance with tax obligations, stressing the important consequences of the failure to comply with the deadlines to which the Tax Agency itself is subject.

Elena Guerrero explained the different risk profiles of taxpayers, as well as the existing Tax Control Plan for 2018, indicating that surprise inspections are usually carried out in companies whose main clientele is the final consumer.

To conclude, Enrique Vázquez offered various recommendations on how to proceed before the tax inspection, analyzing in depth the concept of constitutionally protected domicile as well as the requirements and limitations that the Administration must comply with, under the risk of causing the invalidity of proceedings.

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