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Step ahead far Sant Adrià to attract strong hotel projects

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José Luis Aguilar analyzes the construcction of the new hotel project of Stahler in Barcelona, one of the biggest operations in the city along this year

Years ago, La Mina began a curious route of contrasts in which degradation and affluence are mixed just a few steps away. The monstrous white blocks of the 70s, unmistakable from the Ronda Litoral, enter in the same plane of a photograph in which also buildings with swimming pool and expensive buildings are glimpsed in the south face of the suburb, the one that faces the sea and, for more than a year, to the new headquarters of the UPC. And the path seems to continue moving in that direction, which will lead to facilities and establishments such as the new Tembo Suites & Apartments hotel, which was announced a few days ago, shortly after announcing a future and huge Hard Rock Café in the Sant Adrià Port Fòrum.

A virtual 3D projection of a tall and striking building began to run from mobile to mobile and on the social networks of La Mina and the municipality of Besòs. It was the first news of a project promoted by Stahler Real Estate, a Swiss group dedicated to residential and tourist operations that landed in Barcelona in 2012, and that the next 2020 aims to materialize one of the tourist initiatives with the greatest investment in the whole Barcelona area.

Hand in hand with the Andersen Tax & Legal firm, the company, which already has two hotels in the capital, began to look for alternatives to the municipality of Barcelona, due to the tourist moratorium that reigns today. "It is a group in love with Barcelona and deeply believes in the potential it has. It is a project specially designed for Barcelona, but in Barcelona itself was not possible, "says the director of the department of Real Estate Law Andersen, José Luis Aguilar.

L'Hospitalet, Esplugues or Badalona were some of the options considered, but the border area of Sant Adrià ended up the champion: an enclave close to the sea, in the Barcelona urban fabric and in a new area of lure with the UPC and the Forum as examples. "The international client sees the metropolitan area as the Greater Barcelona, does not notice whether technically it is a municipal area or not. That's why many surrounding municipalities are receiving investment in this sense," says Aguilar, an expert in the sector. And, in this case, the figures are not low.

This is an operation that, in its entirety, will cost around 50 million euros, including the construction project, acquisition of the site and other formalities. The hotel-apartment whichwill be located on the site located between Ramon Llull Street and Ronda Sant Ramon de Penyafort, will rise to 17 floors and will offer about 311 rooms, as LaVanguardia has found out.

It will offer one-bedroom studios, and more equipped two-bedroom studios. "It will be one of the most relevant investments next year in Barcelona, within the sector. In addition, the image will be powerful; the building will be iconic and will influence the '' Barcelona ‘skyline,'" Andersen reveals.

They point out that three of the city's top architecture firms have collaborated and are participating in the design process and administration. The approach, they say, is totally sustainable. "It is the DNA of this Swiss company", say its advisors. The activity of the hotel will be oriented to the sea, and the fixtures and fittings will contain services such as swimming pools, restaurant, rooftop area, chill out, library and meeting rooms, among other features. "It will appeal to both young people and families. The potential clients are, from families who want to spend a few weeks here, as professors who come to the university, students. The presence of the UPC is very important for that reason".

The project already has the construction licensed. In fact, Andersen Tax & Legal has announced that there is already open a bidding process to carry out the work, and this summer the license will be awarded. In the autumn of the same year it is expected to begin to see the first movements and previous work in the field, and the bulk of the work will be executed during 2020. The intention of the company, which has already paid in advance for the site and the expenses arising from projects and permits, is to open before June 2021, after a trial month with the hotel open to suppliers, friends, family.

The City Council, which granted the license in May, remind us that the plot of land could have been developed under the planning that had been planned for years. The mayor of Sant Adrià, Joan Callau, assures that the site was qualified as hotel equipment when the transformation of La Mina was rethought, at the time of the Forum, and that currently only the licence has had to be granted, as it was auctioned by the Consortium of La Mina before the crisis.

"This will help to progress and improve. Having a hotel is better than having an empty lot; just as it is better to have a sports centre or the UPC. The negative part of La Mina will continue to exist, but this can help," says Callau, in relation to the social contrasts and problems of the neighborhood. In addition, he adds, they are working on an agreement for the hotel to revert to direct occupancy for the municipality.

You could read the full article in La Vanguardia.

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