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Practical Law: Country Q&A on Mediation, Settlement and Governing law & Jurisdiction

| News | International Arbitration / Litigation / Restructuring and Insolvency

Luis Morón, Natalia Andrés y Carla Carrasco contribute to the Practical Law guide published by Thomson Reuters

The Of Counsel in the Litigation, Insolvency and Arbitration area of Andersen Tax & Legal, Luis Morón, together with Natalia Andrés, associate, and Carla Carrasco, lawyer of the firm, have contributed to the Spanish edition of the Q&A guide launched by Practical Law and published by Thomson Reuters. They analyze the main keys on Mediation, Settlement and Law and Jurisdiction.

In particular, they have contributed to the following chapters:

  • Mediation

Key legal issues that need to be considered when mediating a dispute, by Luis Morón, Natalia Andrés and Carla Carrasco.

See in Mediation Q&A: Spain or download PDF. 

  • Settlement (civil litigation)

Aspects of settling a dispute by alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, by Luis Morón.

See in Settlement (civil litigation) Q&A: Spain or download PDF.

  • Governing law and jurisdiction

Key legal issues that need to be considered when drafting and enforcing governing law and jurisdiction clauses in Spain, by Luis Morón.

See in Governing law and jurisdiction clauses Q&A: Spain or download PDF.


*Reproduced from Practical Law with the permission of the publishers. For further information, visit 


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