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Panic in SMEs about the upcoming expiry of the Ertes

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Alfredo Aspra explains that what SMEs can do now is take advantage of an Erte for economic, technical, organizational or production reasons (Etop) in El Economista

Both CEOE, as Cepyme and sectoral and regional employers' organizations, were alarmed yesterday by the catastrophic consequences they predict for SMEs, after learning about the Government's de-escalation plan.

Alfredo Aspra, The partner in charge of the employment practice at Andersen Tax & Legal recalls that most companies have taken advantage of force majeure, which is a reduced and urgent version in view of the restrictions imposed on production in order to face the Covid-19, which is the one that concludes at the same time as the current state of alert. With it, companies can progressively recover their workers, according to their needs. The problem is that the gradual reception period is too short for companies to acquire sufficient liquidity to meet the costs of the entire workforce after the March and April shutdown. What SMEs can do now is to take advantage of an Erte for economic, technical, organisational or production reasons (Etop). This is the method used by large companies.

You can read the article in El Economista.


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