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New commercial rental contracts begin to assume a new confinement

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In an article published by Vozpópuli, Pedro Albarracín recommends including specific clauses in rental contracts in the event of mass re-confinement, especially in those new contracts where the activity carried out is very likely to be affected

New business rental contracts are beginning to assume the possibility of mass re-confinement. And this in a context marked by the growing avalanche of lawsuits by commercial tenants against their current landlords using the rebus sic standibus or force majeure clause to force a renegotiation of the rents.

As a result, clauses are beginning to appear in the new rental contracts that foresee the consequences for the parties of new restrictive measures on the part of the Executive.

"The recommendation to clients is to include clauses of this type in all new contracts in which the activity carried out is very likely to be affected in its normal development in the coming weeks or months, as a result of future measures or restrictions on opening one's own business (bars, restaurants, leisure) or by the mere limitation of the free movement and mobility of people and vehicles (shops, service stations, etc)", Pedro Albarracín, Director in the Commercial Department of the Andersen firm says.

The full article can be read in Vozpópuli.

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