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New Chain Law: Implications for agri-food companies

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Andersen and FEDACOVA organise a digital meeting to analyse the new Chain Law

On 3rd November, the Council of Ministers approved the draft reform of the Food Chain Law with the aim of improving the position of farmers and livestock farmers through a series of measures such as the extension of its scope of application, the prohibition of new unfair commercial practices and the generalisation of written contracts in all operations.

With this decision, the new regulation completes the changes introduced by Royal Decree-Law 5/2020, of 25th February, on urgent measures in the field of agriculture and food and incorporates in this second phase into national law the European Directive 2019/633 to regulate commercial practices in relations between companies in the agricultural and food supply chain.

Andersen and FEDACOVA held a digital meeting to analyse these measures, specifically to discuss the new features introduced in the reform of the Food Chain Law and the implications for agri-food companies and the proposed methodology for complying with these obligations and adapting existing contracts.

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