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Legaslative hyperactivity in the City Councils

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José Vicente Morote analyses the regulatory hyperactivity of local councils in recent months and points out that they currently have a more political and innovative profile, which is generating greater conflict

Local councils have been the main protagonists of regulatory activity in recent months. Texts such as those containing the anti-pollution regulation of Madrid and Barcelona, the moratorium on the opening of new bars in Malaga or the many municipal regulations on electric scooters have occupied the space abandoned by the scarce legislative activity at national and regional level, as a result of the interim situation in the State and the complex composition of the regional parliaments.

"Today's city councils have a much more political profile than a few years ago," stresses José Vicente Morote, partner at Andersen Tax & Legal. A circumstance that leads them to address issues that are beyond their competence or that clash with other regulations. "Before they were more developmental, limited to specifying what the state or regional legislation said, but now they are more innovative, and that is generating more conflict," says the lawyer.

In any case, as Jose Vicente Morote says, "citizens and companies are increasingly aware of the rules as soon as they start their journey. A previous stage that, this expert stresses, although it slows down the process, achieves a more participatory and democratic regulation. And consequently, in the long run, less conflictive.

You can read the full article in El País.

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