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Large companies and SMEs from all sectors consider starting ERTE and ERE because of the coronavirus crisis

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Alfredo Aspra analyzes the concerns of the companies of the different sectors to initiate ERTE and ERE before the crisis of the coronavirus and alert of possible conflicts in sectors like banking in Expansión

Offices are receiving a flood of requests to initiate ERTE and ERE for the coronavirus crisis. In recent days there has been a flood of queries, which since yesterday began to materialize in the presentation of temporary layoffs (ERTE), and collective dismissal (ERE). The urgency is greatest in the case of SMEs, as they do not have the financial muscle to sustain wages in the face of falling production and may have to close. This is also the case for large companies in the most affected sectors, especially tourism and shows and events, as well as educational centres and their suppliers and contractors.

Alfredo Aspra, Andersen Tax & Legal Partner and director of the Employment Law Department, is aware of the concerns of large companies, airlines, hotels and travel agencies. And he warns of conflicts in sectors such as banking, where the average salary is above what is covered by the unemployment benefit activated in an ERTE, which the agreements do not improve.

You can read the full article in Expansión.

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