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Jaime Olleros predicts more growth in teams and locations for Andersen Tax & Legal

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Olleros participates in a breakfast with the media at the FEBF to talk about internationalization and the upswing in the Valencian economy

The law offices of Andersen Tax Legal participated in the year’s second breakfast with FEBF media this morning. The session was attended by Isabel Giménez, General Director of the FEBF (Foundation for Stock Market and Financial Studies), and Jaime Olleros, an International Partner at Andersen Tax & Legal and the firm’s Managing Partner in Spain. Olleros Abogados, the Valencia-based law office, joined Andersen Global in March with over 160 professionals and after 30 years of experience in the legal sector. Three months later, Olleros takes stock of the process and discusses the internationalization and growth of Valencian companies.

“We’ve joined an organization that is growing worldwide, which makes it possible for us to position ourselves as an international firm while keeping our operations in Spain as well as our autonomy under a great brand. We belong to a brand that today has over 2,000 professionals in 64 locations worldwide. Andersen is a global project with a strong local base”, said Olleros. A growth that the firm hopes to leverage in the short term with new locations and teams paired with a clear commitment to “investment in talent”.

Olleros also touched on the internationalisation of Valencian companies, adding that there is “less reticence, the crisis has pushed businesses to go abroad”. To that end, he stressed that manager professionalism and training is crucial, recommending that firms “grow and have a strong presence locally in order to gain better access to international markets”. Olleros also spoke about some of the logistical disadvantages affecting internalisation, including the Mediterranean Corridor standstill, which “slows or even displaces businesses throughout the Mediterranean arc”.

An expert in Cuba, Olleros explained that the new Trump era may “slow down initial Spanish investments and Cuba’s recuperation from its [economic] crisis”. However, he commented that Cuba is a country worth keeping an eye on. “While the lack of liquidity in Cuba must be kept in mind, on the other hand it is a market that will need all kinds of products and services”, he adds.

Olleros also mentioned the Criminal Compliance and risk prevention models, explaining that although awareness about the importance of these issues is on the rise, particularly in medium-sized companies, implementation is still slow. Regarding the firm’s entrepreneurs department, he says that in terms of a possible initial start-up bubble, “the current situation is much more solid with more complex projects, and for us it remains a strong commitment”.

According to Olleros, the Valencian economy is “clearly improving”: all sectors are experiencing growth and there is a margin for generating benefits that may justify new investments. “Agriculture, agro-industry and tourism, obviously, with its ties to real estate, suggest a better situation for Community companies in the medium and long term”, he added.

The FEBF breakfasts have a strong influence on the economic activity in the Valencian Community, serving as forums where entrepreneurs, managers, financial institutions, consultants, lawyers and advisers share their opinions and propose new projects.

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