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Jaime Olleros emphasises on the importance of offering a service with local essence and international perspective

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At the 9th Innovation Congress, Olleros underlines the need for doing away with mental barriers to act in a global economy

16 June 2017.- The Managing Partner of Andersen Tax & Legal in Spain, Jaime Olleros, highlighted the importance of offering a service with local essence and international perspective while referring to the integration process for brands and firms which is being carried out by Andersen Global with a view to driving significant global growth with a strong local trajectory.

Jaime Olleros stressed this point during his intervention at the 9th Innovation Congress held today in Valencia, which also included the participation of the Director of the Innovation Club of the Valencian Community, Joaquín Membrado, and the Global Strategy and Planning Director of Intel Corporation, among others.

During the event, Olleros, who considers internationalisation as one of the main pillars for overcoming the crisis and growing, highlighted that the Spanish business community has vast potential for innovating and adapting to new challenges. At this point, he pointed out that Spain has 500 multinational companies in leading positions in the world and with a platform of around 10,000 companies with stable international presence. Additionally, about 150,000 Spanish companies export their products to international markets each year.

According to the Managing Partner of Andersen Tax & Legal in Spain, “it is important to have legal structures that facilitate investment and international commerce, and companies must endeavour to break free from the mental barriers in order to operate within a global economy”. At this point, he defined the three necessary phases for internationalisation: “Identify our skills, visualise our positioning and project the critical path towards our goal”.

A process which has been implemented by Olleros Abogados, a firm founded in Valencia in 1986, which he has managed until its integration into Andersen Global last March. After going over the firm’s 30-year history, noting its strong international nature, with collaboration from several North American firms, the start-up of the Cuban Desk and the strategic agreement with the Portuguese firm Nobre Guedes Mota Soares & Associados, he referred to the integration into Andersen and its international strategy.

In this sense, Jaime Olleros explained that Andersen was founded in 2014 after the North American firm WTAS, founded in 2002 by Mark Vorsatz and 22 former partners of Arthur Andersen, obtained the proprietary rights of the historic firm Andersen. He went on the say that “At that moment he implemented an international project via Andersen Global, which currently has 64 offices spread over the entire world and more than 2,000 professionals”.

“Within its growth plan, Andersen Global has incorporated long-standing firms in each of its markets to increase the know-how and experience of the international group”, asserted Jaime Olleros, who also indicated that this is a “sustainable growth strategy which is adapted to the new market challenges”.

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