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Is it suitable to record the working hours of managers?

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Alfredo Aspra analyzes the working hours register for managers until the new obligation has a regulation, in a report published in the newspaper Expansión

Managers would in principle be exempt from the obligation to register working time but there are exceptions and cases where it is in the company's interest to include them from when the new obligation comes into force on 12th May. In fact, Alfredo Aspramanaging partner of Andersen Tax & Legal in Spain, recommend that the day of all incoming managers be registered, so that the company is covered until the standard has a regulatory development.

According to the regulations, executives who have a business relationship, not a working relationship, would be exempt. Senior managers with a special senior management employment relationship would also be exempt, although their specific case is pending regulatory development. Thus, jurists recommend registering the working day of these senior managers, since the Ministry of Labour has already warned that special groups whose regulation is pending regulatory development will not be exempted from the obligation with the entry into force of the rule.

You could download the full article on this link.

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