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How furlough affects working mothers’ income tax declaration

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Miguel Ángel Galán explains how ERTE affects income for working mothers

One of the consequences of Covid-19 on the income tax declaration concerns the deduction for maternity for workers with children under three years of age, of up to 1,200 euros per year and with the possibility of requesting advance payment at the rate of one hundred euros per month.

If they are furloughed and the employment contract is suspended for a month, "they lose the right to receive those 100 euros or request the deduction in income tax for the duration of the furlough", explains Miguel Ángel Galán, Andersen Tax & Legal partner, as they become totally unemployed and no longer meet the requirement of being registered with Social Security. In the event of a reduction in the working day, they would be entitled to the maternity deduction, according to Galán.

The full article can be read in Las Provincias

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