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Global Annual Report: Picking out the positives

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The uncertainty regarding Brexit continues to cast a shadow over the Spanish and Portuguese economies, but Iberian lawyers are taking posives from the whole affair – meanwhile, the debate about global firms versus networks and ‘best friends’ rages on

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The current focus for Andersen Tax & Legal is building its network in Europe and Latin America, according to partner Gonzalo Cerón. However, he adds that there are also notable opportunities in South Africa and Nigeria, particularly in the areas of projects, acquisitions and global restructurings. Meanwhile, Cerón says that Cuba also has considerable potential: “It’s an interesting jurisdiction for the future, Cuba has to build its infrastructure from scratch.” That said, investors from China and France, for example are more active in Spain than Cuba, he adds.

Some partners argue that a law firm’s brand is not particularly significant when it comes to winning new business. Cerón says that when Olleros Abogados (of which he was formerly a partner) joined Andersen Tax & Legal, “we feared we may lose some clients, but that hasn’t happened – I think the name of the firm is important, there is value in a brand, but you have to build it on a daily basis.” Another partner puts it more bluntly: “If anyone thinks the power of a brand will win you work, you are wrong, though we are happy if clients want to follow our brand.” The main objective for law firms is to have “big clients who are loyal, this is ideal,” says one partner.


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