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Germany, France and Sweden already tax air transport as proposed by Spain

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Belén Palao discusses tax on single-use plastic food packaging

Germany, France, Sweden and the United Kingdom are some of the countries that already have taxes on the use of air transport similar to that proposed by the government for Spain, a tax that aims to discourage the use of airplanes due to their high level of greenhouse gas emissions.

The Ministry of Finance opened two public consultation processes on February 28th to propose possible taxes on the use of air transport and single-use plastics in the food sector.

The Treasury's proposals do not incorporate a tax design but are limited to raising the environmental problem arising from this behaviour and the suitability of taxing them.

As far as the tax on single-use plastic food packaging is concerned, at the moment there are no similar taxes in Europe, among other reasons because the European Union has not yet clearly defined what is considered a single use, explains Belén Palao, a partner at Andersen Tax & Legal and a member of Aedaf's indirect tax expert group.

You can read the full article in El Confidencial.

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