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From Meliá to BBVA: the companies sued under the Helms-Burton Act

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Ignacio Aparicio explains in an article in Vozpópuli that a class action lawsuit by companies affected by the Helms-Burton Act has more weight and relevance than an individual claim

More than thirty multinationals have already been sued in the United States under the Helms-Burton Act (1996), activated again by Donald Trump last May after more than 20 years in abeyance. In addition, five other companies, most of them Spanish, have already been warned that they will either cease operations or will be included in class actions.

Several U.S. law firms are managing these "class action lawsuits," involving mainly individuals or families.

They are class actions because other people with similar cases can join. Ignacio Aparicio, lawyer and head of the Cuban Desk at Andersen Tax & Legal, explains in Vozpópuli that "it is a way to optimize it, because a class action will have more weight and relevance than an individual claim.

You can read the full article in Vozpópuli.

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