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Five years of Andersen

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The Managing Partners of the Firm in Iberia, José Vicente Morote and Iñigo Rodriguez-Sastre, explain in an interview with Iberian Lawyer the challenges overcome during these years to achieve the growth objectives set, both in terms of people, business and culture

It has been five years since 2017, when the law firm founded in the US in 2002 under the name WTAS by 23 partners of the former Arthur Andersen landed in Spain with a team of 160 professionals with over 30 years of experience in the Spanish legal market. Since then, the law firm has initiated an important expansion process in the country and now counts more than 300 staff.

In the last five years, the law firm has tripled its budget and experienced a 76.5% growth in turnover, rising from 18.39 million in 2017 to 32.46 million at the end of 2021. Last year’s growth was 22.4%, up from 26.51m in 2020, placing the law firm in the Top 20 law firms by turnover in Spain.

The year-end targets remain ambitious: the law firm is aiming for a budget of 42 million euros, which represents an increase of 50% compared to 2021 and a 30% growth in turnover. The first six months of the year support these forecasts, with a turnover 50% higher than in the same period of the previous year.

In these same five years, the firm has hired 150 people, almost doubling the headcount (a growth of 81%), and has expanded its regional presence developing all its practices in each office (Madrid, Valencia, Seville, Barcelona and Lisbon).

Looking at 2022, the firm has started the year by integrating the Lisbon office into Andersen’s structure in Spain, thus opting for an integrated model in a single legal entity in which the partnership is shared, and the law firms CHR Legal (Barcelona) and Sanz & Soler Mann (Valencia).

Furthermore, at the end of July the law firm had already secured ten important lateral hires (see dedicated box). In total, from the beginning of the year Andersen has added close to 100 professionals to the team, with an increase of 36% in the team compared to the previous year.

Andersen’s strategic plan in Iberia has the clear objective in 2022 to continue the expansion process, mainly strengthening the offices of Barcelona and Lisbon. For the future, the firm has an ambitious project, in which it will continue to grow organically and inorganically, based on a team that shares the same values and business model.

You can download the full interview here.

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