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Expats in time of Coronavirus

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Alfredo Aspra explains that expatriates have the right to request not to provide the services for which they have been hired, but this does not imply repatriation, in El País

Few in the business sector foresaw a pandemic like SARS-CoV-2 which is shaking the global economy. With no precedent in recent history to draw on, companies are having to adapt work and personnel management schemes, including for expats. In a situation where each country establishes its own measures, expats and experts point out some fundamental aspects: from the peace of mind of being covered in health and communication matters to the certainty that the health of the employees will prevail.

It is normal that the displacement letter, which includes the conditions of mobility, includes a private policy, as reported by telephone Alfredo Aspra, Head of the Employment Practise and Partner of the law firm Andersen Tax & Legal. "But it is not obligatory," he said.

"If there is an imminent danger, the worker has the right to request not to provide the services for which he has been hired, but that this would result in repatriation is not clear," says the Andersen Tax & Legal expert.

You can read the full article in El País.

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