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European Guide to support Employers | COVID-19 Impact

| COVID-19 | Employment Law and Social Security

Guide to all employee support measures that different countries in Europe have put in place to alleviate the effects of COVID-19

Andersen Global's member and collaborating firms in Europe compile in the following guide the employment measures that have been carried out in each country to mitigate the impact of COVID-19.

  • What are the main benefits that are being offered to companies in terms of salaries and social security contributions for companies to retain their workers during the Covid-19? What is the agreed and/or envisaged duration of such benefits? 

  • Is there any commitment regarding employment retention or any other relevant obligations by the companies awarded with benefits? What do such commitments or obligations involve and how long will they remain applicable?

  • As a result of the Covid-19, is there any obligations by the employer to enable remote working or is it optional? In the event it optional, what would be the factors to consider and what would be the envisaged duration of such measures?

  • During the Covid-19 situation, can companies force workers to use their vacations and/or to use other kind of leaves (paid or not paid?) For how long?

You can download the full PDF file here

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