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European Corporate Insights | July 2021

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In this publication Andersen´s European Corporate and M&A practice address “How to Finance M&A transactions in Europe"

Andersen´s European Corporate and M&A practice has prepared the third edition of the European Corporate Insights’ magazine.

In this publication we address “How to Finance M&A transactions in Europe” as one of the topics that have special interest for companies with multinational activities, and especially those doing business in Europe.

What are the different ways to finance M&A transactions? Are private companies in your country allowed to issue bonds, e.g., to finance a specific transaction? Is this commonly used? What are the requirements? Are there particular incentives or benefits depending on the financing method used? Is there any deduction of interest expenses in M&A transactions?

The magazine also covers some highlights and relevant information about our Corporate and M&A practice in Europe, and includes two pieces of opinion that on this occasion are:

  • Good corporate governance practices, reputation, and codes of ethics in the face of technological challenges
  • Main differences between the Hungarian and the European legal concept of concentrations

The third edition of European Corporate Insights, the magazine published by Andersen's Corporate Legal Service Line in Europe, analyzes all of these issues to be taken into account by Companies operating in different European countries.

You can download the magazine here or view it full screen here

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