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Energy y tourism: motors of the Spanish economy in 2020

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José Vicente Morote analyses the outlook for retail and logistics on the sectors that will act as drivers of the economy in 2020

In 2020, the most powerful engine in the Spanish economy will not be a combustion engine. Coal, gas and oil will finally give way to the sun, wind and sea as the country's most important energy sources. At least, this is why the experts from the main firms are betting on energy and its transition to renewable energies as the most important sector in Spain for the year that has just begun.

Along with the leading role acquired by energy, tourism, as a safe value, and the infrastructure needed to carry out the development of a new model of energy networks, cleaner and sustainable, are the other two markets that lawyers have wanted to highlight in a survey in which, although they remain among the top, the real estate loses strength.

José Vicente Morote, Partner of Andersen Tax & Legal, says that the prospects of 'retail' for 2020 are marked by the consolidation of 'ecommerce'. In addition, he says that its explosion has brought with it exponential growth in logistics and, with it, the development of territorial and urban planning that allows the weaving of large logistics nodes.

You can read the full article in Expansión.

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