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Employment Ministry to use 'Big Data' in its offensive against false self-employed

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Alfredo Aspra analyzes the Employment Ministry´s use of Big Data to detect cases of employment fraud.

The Employment Ministry will use the technology of massive data analysis - known as Big Data - to detect cases of employment fraud in the field of hiring. Above all, the Employment Ministry will focus on false self-employment and the succession of temporary contracts. An IT tool will analyse millions of contracts and employee data to create alerts on potential employment fraud issues. In addition, the Ministry will strengthen the Inspectorate and controls on companies. The Employment Ministry will thus launch a legal offensive against companies that commit irregularities in the hiring of their workers

"I do not rule out that the situation will be resolved by the creation by the legislator of a special employment relationship for this group," explains Alfredo Aspra, Employment partner at Andersen Tax & Legal. "In the European Union they are already working on a Community regulation to regulate this problem", he adds. In any case, the Employment Lawyer underlines the importance of the digital application algorithm to determine whether there is working activity. "We are talking about some of them rewarding or punishing the distributors and this cannot happen," he concludes.

The Employment Lawyers also ask that the Law resolves the doubts, Alfredo Aspra, partner of the Employment area of Andersen Tax & Legal, assures that "the only point that has to be cleared up is if the mere fact that the ownership of the digital platform of the orders is of a company determines the working activity for the delivery boys and not their condition of self-employed".

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