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Digital transformation and IT challenges: a cybersecurity roadmap for companies

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José Vicente Morote, Vicente Moret and Benjamín Prieto, together with José Miguel Roseell (S2 Grupo), Paco Gavilán (CICV) and Joaquín Membrado (CICV) participated in an innovative breakfast in which they debated on the legal obligations for organisations and companies in the new digital era.

Digital transformation is now a reality, a process that has been developing over the last decades, bringing with it a series of technological challenges that are increasingly accompanied by new national and European cybersecurity legislation.

In this context, Andersen participated in the breakfast of the Club for Innovation of the Valencian Community "Cybersecurity as a priority aspect for companies. New legal obligations in the face of the technological challenge", a meeting organised for various experts in the cybersecurity sector to discuss the digital transformation, the new panorama and the regulations that are being developed in this regard.

Paco Gavilán, President of the CICV introduced the event and the speakers, thanking them for their attendance and appreciating the possibility of being able to count on recognised experts in the field for an event of this kind.

José Vicente Morote, co-managing partner of Andersen in Spain, spoke at the opening of the event about the importance that should be given to experts and organisations in the field of cybersecurity: "Today, cybersecurity, rather than a luxury, is an obligation, something that all companies should incorporate". Andersen, along these lines, has set up a Legaltech team to be able to offer the most complete services in this area.

The seminar debate, chaired by Benjamín Prieto, partner at Andersen, focused on cybersecurity in the field of business and smart compliance. "We are facing a reality driven by digitalisation, an unstoppable process that is increasingly present in every element we can imagine", explained José Miguel Rosell, from S2 Grupo.

Today's hyper-connectedness brings with it the need for a detection system to deal with any risk: "Security is protection, detection and response. Protection must be put in place, but it is not a guarantee of anything, and you have to be prepared for it not to work. We must focus on early detection to be able to respond appropriately," he concluded.

Vicente Moret, Of Counsel at Andersen, highlights the importance of the paradigm shift that is taking place in the legal world, and the increased vulnerability brought about by the move towards digitalisation. In terms of legislation, there is an established framework, but this will change in the coming months.

"A real regulatory avalanche is coming," he explained. As part of the European Commission's objectives to create a green and digital EU, the digitalisation leg of the agenda must be characterised by security. "The EU is soon to adopt a completely game-changing set of rules: DORA, NIS2, eIDAS2" he specified. As for how these changes affect companies, Moret explained that "now companies know that they are not obliged, but they want systems to be implemented because they know that having a good cybersecurity programme in their company gives them a competitive advantage. Cybersecurity is a good lever to change other things in organisations".

Those attending the event, the vast majority of whom were entrepreneurs whose companies are affected by the changes that are to come in terms of cybersecurity, asked various questions and, after the discussion, Joaquín Membrado, Secretary General of CICV, closed the event by explaining the update for the Club's events and thanking all the attendees for their participation in this seminar, which represents a further step for the cybersecurity sector to lay the foundations for greater knowledge and application in society.

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