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Digital pact for the protection of people

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An initiative of the Spanish Data Protection Agency (AEPD) that aims to promote a firm commitment to privacy in the sustainability policies and business models of organisations

The Spanish Data Protection Agency (AEPD) has launched the DIGITAL PACT FOR THE PROTECTION OF PEOPLE, an initiative that aims to promote a firm commitment to privacy in the sustainability policies and business models of organisations, making the fundamental right to data protection compatible with innovation, ethics and business competitiveness.

The DIGITAL PACT FOR THE PROTECTION OF PEOPLE promotes privacy as an asset for public and private organisations. Among the principles included are promoting transparency so that citizens know what data is being collected and what it is used for, promoting gender equality and the protection of children and people in vulnerable situations, and ensuring that technologies avoid perpetuating biases or increasing existing inequalities, avoiding algorithmic discrimination based on race, origin, belief, religion or sex, among others.

  1. Is it free to join?

Membership is free of charge and there is no cost to the organisation.

  1. What validity duration does it have?

This commitment is valid for one (1) year, with automatic renewal, unless the member entity withdraws.

  1. What are the commitments of the member entity?

The AEPD itself has stated that adherence to the Digital Pact is not intended to make member organisations take on more obligations than they are legally entitled to, but rather to specify a specific commitment in the digital sphere that must be the object of special diligence on the part of the signatory organisations.

  1. In this respect, by signing the letter of endorsement, the entity undertakes to (i) implement in their respective organisations the principles and recommendations set out in the other two documents that make up the content of the Digital Pact, and, (ii) on the other hand, as additional commitments, to disseminate among their staff and users the Priority channel to request the urgent removal of sexual and violent content on the Internet, as well as other resources and tools that the AEPD has made available to the public and private sectors and to citizens to help raise awareness of the value of privacy and the importance of the processing of personal data, also in the workplace.
  2. The second document -commitment to responsibility in the digital sphere- contains the specific obligations of organisations in the digital sphere, promoting their dissemination within their organisation and to third parties. In addition, the document incorporates some principles that, from the perspective of ethics and data protection, the so-called digital ethics, should be especially considered when designing and implementing new technological developments.
  3. The third document that forms part of this AEPD initiative is the Guideline of good practices in privacy for the media and organisations with their own dissemination channels, with which the AEPD wishes to promote the fight against digital violence both among the media and with all those organisations that have their own dissemination channels to report on issues of interest to their audiences, whether through their social networks or through corporate magazines or newsletters.
  4. Which entities are members of the Digital Pact?

Through the website of the Spanish Data Protection Agency you can consult all the updated member entities.

You can download the full PDF file here.  

For more information, please contact:

Isabel Martínez Moriel | Director, Privacy, IT & Digital Business

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